23 August 2018

Vistra and Khun Note Udom developed Veldent as a new generation of nutrition toothpaste.

Vistra under the management of NBD Healthcare Co., Ltd., the professional of food supplements and its strong point on sourcing best ingredients from around the world, together with Khun Note Udom would like to present 'Veldent' as nutrition toothpaste with budget over 60 million baht. Khun Note Udom is Veldent's ambassador and packaging designer. This is the best cooperation between innovation for oral care and creativity to provide fun experience and refreshment for the beginning of the day. We're ready to promote in August.

Mr. Piroonroj Kraisuraphong, CEO of NBD Healthcare Co., Ltd. said "NBD Healthcare has been a distributor of food supplements under brand 'Vistra', cosmeceutical products under brand 'Provamed' and healthy goods for over 20 years. Today, we're glad to present Veldent as a new generation of toothpaste with budget of 60 million baht. Our sale target of the first year is 200 million baht or 6% market share of hi-end toothpaste. I strongly believe that Veldent will fulfill the value 10,000 million baht of oral care market plus the substantial growth rate. Veldent is what new generation consumers who search for information before buying and concern about their oral health looking for. Moreover, we use new marketing strategy and invite Khun Note Udom to be our honored brand ambassador as a representative of good tempered person. We also promote campaign online to attract consumers on social media, and we have very good feedback from 4.5 million views on our first viral clip on Youtube with over 400 comments after published date only 1 night. We aim to promote on-line, TV and other advertising channels with budget over 60 million baht. Moreover, we are going to officially introduce Khun Note Udom as our brand ambassador within next month."

'Veldent' is therapeutic toothpaste as a basis of Dental Wellness. Our innovation of 7 WONDERS OF DENTAL NUTRITION is enriched with 7 types of vitamins and beneficial extracts: Calcium lactate, Horsetail Water, Extract, Co Enzyme Q10, Xylitol, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C Acerola Cherry and Vitamin E for gum and enamel. Veldent offers 5 formulas, i.e. Extreme Awake, Chill Fresh, Sensitive Care, Amazing Bright and Nature Boost to be your enjoyable choices for taking care of your oral health. Veldent can be found at 7-11, Tops supermarket, Watsons, Boots, Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart, all supermarkets and drug stores nationwide and on-line channels, like Lazada and Shopee. For futher information, please visit www.veldent.co.th or follow our facebook page www.facebook.com/VeldentToothpaste.