Vision, Mission & Core Value


Being the leader of beauty and health care products that is recognized and accepted in the international market.


We are delivering happiness through good health and beauty with trusted level of quality using our continuous improving innovations
and strong team work which will eventually lead us to position in global market and grow as a sustainable organization.

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In addition, we are offering the aesthetics of human beauty on the body and mind to all mankind (both national and international)

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through cutting edge innovations, yet eco-friendly (no chemical substances, but with biodegradable packages) by scientific and technological process (marketing, information and communication technology processes included).

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All these, we are doing with our employees' contentment and well-being and by the sustainability of our planet (meaning that we also take lives of the future generations into consideration by not destroying the ecology as well as conduct corporate social responsibility by not focusing solely on maximizing profits, but caring about all important parties of stakeholders i.e. shareholders, employees, customers, governmental departments, creditors etc.)

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We are going to be a family corporate that works as if we were the closest relatives (we may have different opinions, and argue for betterments, but we will always have the same goal). We will be a corporation that concentrates on quality and unique formula for customer delight (customer delight = value received by customers must meet the advertised value standard comparing to competitors. This also includes the matter of prices and access efficiency to services).

Core Values

Co-goal and commitment

Sharing common goals and missions, all employees and the organization become united


Working with the focus of getting things done with successful results

Collaboration and Co-responsibility to company's growth

Being committed to team work and to take part in corporate’s growth


Creation of life learning

Helping to foster and to grow life-long learning process


Communicating continuously on work related matters

Chill out

Knowing when to energize team and to keep the work environment not too stressful